Product Management Consultancy

BackXolutions is the commercial name that stands for the services and solutions that David Backx offers to customers.

Based on a 15+ years of experience in Product Management roles as Product Manager, Product Team Manager and Innovation Consultant, BackXolutions is working with customers that have a challenge in their Product Management division.

Product Management is a crucial function in a company... if not the most important!

As an external consultant, BackXolutions has bridged many recruitment periods or added valuable product work for a range of (mainly technical) companies, but also in financial services.

BackXolutions helps companies keep pace with their product portfolio management and (new) product development in times of staff turnover.

Why work with a Product Management Consultant?

Peace of mind

Get the pressure out of your recruitment process. Start the search for the right fit knowing that the open vacancy remains filled and operational.


An experienced Product Management Consultant has a short learning curve, and will easily be familiarised with your processes and product portfolio. Natural curiosity and self-study result in only minimal involvement of other departments in your company in the learning process.


The Product Management Consultant is tried and tested in his role, and knows exactly how to approach the challenges. Often, he/she also delivers additional or even new insights to the organisation. Over the years, the Product Management Consultant has developed techniques to - independent of the business activity - easily make the necessary translations between market requirements and engineering targets.


Development projects and daily support to the rest of the company and customers, is under control. The function that looks at potential future product ideas and competitive movements, is guaranteed.

Company Growth

Break the status quo because focus on market needs and company ambitions is secured.

Smooth Transition

When the recruitment process is closed, the Product Management Consultant secures a smooth transition of knowledge and projects. A follow-up trajectory can be organised according the needs of the organisation and to support the newly hired Product Manager.

Other advantages by BackXolutions

Broad experience and knowledge

Other than Product Management, also Innovation and Marketing are fields of experience. This knowledge can obviously also be tapped in during an assignment. For example, guidance to build your innovation roadmap; advice in your go-to-market approach...

Business Network

A wide network of professionals in different disciplines that could help your organisation out with other challenges, and or allow access to alternative suppliers.

Follow-up programs

Depending on the need of the organisation and/or the need of the newly hired Product Manager, different tailormade programs can be worked out. For example:

Fade-out program.
The Product Management Consultant remains onboard in a degressive employment to guide and support the new Product Manager.

Training program.
If the match is found with a less experienced Product Manager, the product Management Consultant can guide and train the new person, and get him/her certified on Product Management principles and techniques. 

Project Services

You may not always need a full-time Product Management Consultant in your company, but may just want to outsource some investigative projects. BackXolutions can support with tailormade programs, including:

  • Ideation
  • Market Research
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Product / Process / Business Model Innovation
  • NPD - New Product Development
  • NPI - New Product Introduction / Launch
  • Strategic Product (Portfolio) Planning
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • ...

Want to discuss an actual project or challenge?

Reach out and tell me your story or challenge.