Since David started his activities as Product Management Consultant, some well-known names have used his services.

HENCO Industries (an Aalberts Group Company) had an urgent need for additional manpower in their product department so they could keep moving forward with the product development and business development projects. HENCO was recruiting 3x people in the product department. David initially joined for a period of 6 months to bridge for the recruitment process. In the end, the contract was extended with 2 additional months in which David was involved in the Innovation Roadmap-exercise and cover a good handover for the last recruitment.

Alphabet Long Term Rental (a BMW Group Company) faced some intensive organisational changes in 2022, whereby both their Product Manager and Product Specialist position had to be filled again. As the Product Manager's position left a gap of several months, David was hired with a dual mission:

1) pick up the role of Product Manager, and

2) prepare for bringing structure and Product Management mindset in the new team.

Alphabet also enjoyed David's additional expertise in Marketing. After a first period of 3 months, the assignment was extended by 2 months, in which David was asked to be involved and deliver in a strategic project for the company in which a large portion of work was laying with Product Management.

Greenmood is a Brussels based company active in biophilic design. It has operations globally in a franchising structure. During Covid19, Greenmood had a need for a Business Development person who could take control of the Belgian market (and specifically Flanders). Later, David also took on outlining their strategic marketing.

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